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BC Program

In BC, the Society provides legal education and information that reaches more than 700,000 people each year. Over the last 25 years, the Justice System Education Program has introduced over one million British Columbians to BC’s justice system.

The Society's BC Program serves Northern British Columbia with our Public Legal Education Program, provides legal help to court users in many languages (Court Information Program for Immigrants), and supports parents as they move through separation or divorce (Parenting After Separation).

Digital Program

JES has recognized expertise in applying digital technologies to improve legal capability and increase access to justice. Each year, our web resources help more than 1 million people to address their legal issues. Over the last year, the team has produced web resources for users in every Canadian province, plus: California, Ohio, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine.

In BC, popular resources include:,,,,, and more.

International Program

In many parts of the world, people struggle daily with poor access to justice. Ill-equipped authorities often do not have the means necessary to tackle violent crime, corruption, and a lack of security.

The JES International Program builds the capacity of justice systems, increases access to justice for women and children, plus provides legal education and information. Over the last decade, the Society has provided training and/or resources in 15 countries. JES International has staff and/or active projects in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama and Guyana.

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