Northern Native Public Legal Education

The Northern Native Public Legal Education Program provides culturally-sensitive outreach services for First Nations communities throughout Northern BC. Funded primarily by the Law Foundation of BC and directed by a Steering Committee, the outreach services include programs for both First Nations youth and adults.

Topics include:
  • Review of current court processes
  • Discussion about job opportunities in the justice system, education needed and earning capacity
  • Comparison of traditional First Nations justice practices with current practices
For youth, we offer:
  • Outreach sessions for band and public schools – these sessions provide an opportunity for students to discuss justice-related issues in their own community. The sessions are designed for Band Schools and public schools that have an Aboriginal population of at least 50%. The sessions are informal, relaxed and positive.
  • The Native Youth Courtlink Program – this program has a similar format to the Courtlink Youth Program but is targeted directly to the justice-related issues of First Nations youth.
  • The Native Youth-at-Risk Courtlink Program – this program is designed to address the justice-related issues of Aboriginal youth who are at risk for trouble with the law, school dropout and substance abuse. These students may exhibit low self-esteem and behavioural problems (verbal or physical violence).
For adults, we have several community programs focusing on the following topics:
  • Introduction to criminal and civil law
  • Careers in the justice system
  • Restorative justice
  • Public forums on current community legal issues
  • Cultural sensitization for justice system personnel
Many members of the Northern Native Public Legal Education Steering Committee offer additional workshops. Some of the workshops are free and others are on a fee-for-service basis.
For more information on the Northern Native Public Legal Education Program, contact our Northern BC Regional Office.