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Mock Trial Program

Groups can learn the most about our justice system by experiencing it themselves in a simulated trial, called a “mock” trial. A mock trial is a definitive, dramatic, experiential learning opportunity. It develops advocacy skills and critical thinking in addition to providing knowledge about the law. Mock trials are good for all ages as they demonstrate how a trial works. There are several scripted and non-scripted mock trials available for your use. Groups can arrange to perform their mock trial in a real courtroom setting during the day.

There is a charge for facilitating the mock trial experience.  Please bring a cheque with you on the day of your visit. It should be made payable to the Justice Education Society. A receipt will be issued. We reserve the right to decline our services unless payment is received in advance or at the time your group arrives at the courthouse.

Standard mock trials (up to 75 minutes) - $100
Advanced mock trials (75 minutes to 3 hrs.) - $200

Mock Trials are part of the Justice Education Society’s Justice System Education Program. Other activities in the program include court orientations, courtwatching, justice system personnel sessions and career and personal planning.

Preparing for Your Mock Trial

  • Choose a trial to perform.  You can choose between an unscripted trial which requires the students to do more preparation or a scripted trial where all the dialogue is given.  Click here to see what mock trials are available. 
    • Scripted Mock Trials
    • Non-Scripted Mock Trials
  • Make copies of the scripts or roles sheets for the trial.
  • Have your students prepare their roles.
  • Prepare all exhibits for the trial. Do not bring actual or toy knifes, swords or guns. Make cardboard replicas of these exhibits for use in the courtroom.
  • Prepare costumes if you wish to use them in your trial for the witnesses. Gowns and jackets will be provide for the judge, court clerk, lawyer and sheriff roles.
  • Watch Regina vs. Madam Evilyn (Story of Cinderella).  This is a scripted mock trial performed by Grade 6/7 students at Marlborough Elementary School in Burnaby lead by their teacher Barbara Wrinkle.  In this case the students memorized the lines of the script because they performed it as a play at school for other students and parents.