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Parenting After Separation (PAS)

As of November 1, 2019, in-person PAS sessions are no longer provided. Please register for the online course.


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Parenting After Separation (PAS) is a free three-hour online course that helps parents make informed decisions about their separation which consider their children’s best interests. The course is multimedia rich and includes videos, audio, text, worksheets and interactive exercises. Virtual facilitators guide participants through the course content to help them make positive decisions about the way they resolve their parenting issues after separation. The program is mandatory for separating parents in some BC communities.

Topics include:

  • The impact of separation on you and your children
  • How to help your family adjust to change
  • Strategies to help your family adjust to change
  • Effective ways you and your children’s other parent can communicate
  • How to keep your children out of the middle of conflict
  • Options for resolving family disputes, including mediation, counseling and the court process
  • How the child support guidelines are applied
  • Resources in the community for parents and children

Resources for the Parenting After Separation program include a Parent's Handbook, which is available in multiple languages, as well as a Facilitator's Guide.

For more information about the Parenting After Separation program, contact the Family Justice Centre in your area.

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Parenting After Separation - Finances

Parenting After Separation is well-complemented by our Parenting After Separation Finances program.