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Preparing At-Risk Education Programs

Guidelines for Preparing Law-Related Education Programs For At-Risk Students

The purpose of this paper is to conduct an examination of the literature in respect of Law-Related Education, especially as that literature pertains to “at-risk” students. This was done in order to offer a set of guidelines that could be used by educators and facilitators to design and teach programs for these kinds of students in British Columbia.

Education for “citizenship” has a long tradition in both Canada and the United States, usually taught as an integral part of social studies courses, often under the banner of either “government” or “civics.” About 30 years ago, the term “Law-Related Education” (LRE) appeared, and was formally recognized by the Law-Related Education Act of 1978. Whereas government and civics courses customarily tend to rely on textbooks and didactic teaching, LRE courses are generally characterized by their use of outside resource people and a variety of interactive, inductive teaching methods.

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