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Peer Resolution Conference Evaluation

Peer Resolution Conference For Youth in Northern Communities Evaluation Report

Peer Resolution Conference For Youth in Northern Communities Evaluation Report
What is a Peer Resolution Conference?

A Peer Resolution Conference (PRC) is a unique youth justice peer process. Using aboriginal justice practices and principles, the Peer Resolution Conference offers an alternative to school suspensions.

The goals of the Peer Resolution Conference program are to:

  • Keep students in school
  • Practice restorative justice
  • Hold youth accountable for their behavior and give them a way to make amends
  • Empower youth to accept responsibility
  • Allow victims to be involved in the process
  • Foster knowledge, skills and values that youth need in contemporary society
  • Provide an opportunity for peer volunteers to learn the skills need to weigh conflicting points of view and reach a just and appropriate consequence.

To read the evaluation report on the Peer Resolution Conference, click below.

Evaluation Report