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Being an Active Citizen


Being an Active Citizen is a 5-year program with 10 lessons per year for Social Studies grades 7-11. It introduces students to the fundamentals of law and how the justice system works, and the structure and operation of our governments.

Being an Active Citizen also encourages students to participate in their community as active citizens. This approach is important as it allows students opportunities to engage in active citizenship activities over a number of years and, in doing so, builds their interest and skills. It also allows for the coordination of this teaching to coincide with citizenship week, local government awareness week, one world week and law week every year.

The main purpose of the program is to allow students to go beyond learning in the classroom and become actively involved in their community. This active engagement within different aspects of the legal system, government and civil society will animate the concepts learned in class, and highlight for the students the importance of these subjects within their own lives. Learn more about Being an Active Citizen online at

Being an Active Citizen curriculum: Free online or order a free CD