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Mission & History

Vision and Mission

Justice for all.

JES empowers people to access and deliver justice in Canada and globally.



British Columbia and Canada are made up of many diverse groups and communities. Our justice system protects the rights and freedoms of everyone.

In order for all of us to exercise these rights and freedoms – and truly access justice – it is important that we fully understand exactly how our system works and how it is here to help protect us and our families.

It is also equally important that those working within the justice system, including judges, lawyers, sheriffs and other personnel, are aware of the justice-related issues faced by people in our communities.

1979: Public education of the law courts begins with the completion of the Law Courts complex in Vancouver, British Columbia.

1988: A special Law Reform Committee created by Ted Hughes, then Deputy Attorney General of BC, publishes a report recommending changes to BC’s Justice System. The report stated: "Citizens must be given the information they need in a meaningful form, so that they can gain access to the justice system..."

1989: The BC Ministry of Attorney General, the Judiciary and the Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch) create the Law Courts Education Society and assume responsibility for the law courts education programs that had begun in 1979.

2009: The Law Courts Education Society changes its name to become the Justice Education Society and celebrates 20 years of providing public legal education and information.

Since its inception, the Justice Education Society has provided public legal education and information to more than one million individuals.