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Sonia Poulin

Sonia Poulin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sonia joined JES in October 2017 and brings more than two decades of leadership experience leading increasingly complex operations within the legal sector.

She has enjoyed a successful career in the areas of law reform, legal information & research, legal education and technology. She held a number of progressively responsible positions in private law firms, academia and government in five different provinces and in both legal traditions. Prior to joining JES, Sonia was on the senior leadership team of Resolution and Court Administration Services of Alberta Justice and Solicitor General where she was responsible for the vision, leadership, direction and management of legal information, research and education services to the judiciary, prosecutors, practicing bar and the public in Alberta. Committed to access to justice and human rights, both in Canada and internationally, Sonia has contributed to numerous boards and committees in various capacities at regional, national and international levels. As a self-starter, she co-founded a public legal information and education organization, and has developed and led various international development projects and initiatives for the justice sector in several countries on multiple continents.

A multi-lingual, Sonia has a BA in Linguistics and French Studies (second language teaching concentration) (Concordia), a Master of Information Studies degree (McGill), a Master of Business Administration (Strathclyde), has studied law in the UK and Canada, and is an LLM candidate in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Aberystwyth).

Dave NoletteDave Nolette
BC & Digital Programs Director

Dave brings over 20 years of marketing communications experience to the Justice Education Society. He manages a dynamic team that maintains and promotes the resources of BC’s third largest publisher of legal education and information – including more than 25 legal information websites, 200 instructional videos, and over 100 print resources. Dave is an expert at applying digital technologies to improve access to justice.

Philip JakobPhilip Jakob
International Program Director

As International Program Director, Philip leads the JES International team, overseeing the planning, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of JES’ international projects. Prior to leading the entire international team, Philip managed the Guatemala Institutional Justice Strengthening (GIJS) Project in Guatemala. Before working with JES, Philip managed government modernization projects in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica. He has also led several program evaluations.

Philip is an economist with over 15 years of experience in the implementation and evaluation of innovative projects across sectors. He holds two post-graduate degrees, one in International Development Economics from the University of San Francisco and the other in International Program Management with a particular focus on Latin America from Capilano University.

Carla MauroCarla Mauro
Director, Finance and Procurement