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Sonia Poulin

Sonia Poulin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sonia Poulin is responsible for the strategic direction, financial sustainability and effective management of a cross-cutting portfolio (public legal education and information, digital solutions and international development) in a complex and diverse environment where strong governance, strategic planning, a culture of collaboration, community relations and stakeholder engagement have been critical to success

Sonia brings more than 25 years of leadership experience managing increasingly complex operations within the justice and legal sectors in the areas of justice reform, information, research, legal education, technology, public legal education and information (PLEI) and international development. She has held a number of progressively responsible positions in law firms, academia, government and non-profit organization in both legal traditions. Committed to the Rule of Law, access to justice, human rights and universal, free and equitable access to legal information, she has established an international and multi-cultural network of contacts in the justice sector while attending and speaking at numerous conferences in multiple countries and has contributed to numerous boards in various capacities at national and international levels. As a self-starter, Sonia co-founded a public legal information and education organization, and has developed and led various international development projects and initiatives for the justice sector in several countries on multiple continents.

Prior to joining JES, Sonia was on the senior leadership team of Resolution and Court Administration Services of Alberta Justice and Solicitor General where she was responsible for the vision and leadership of province-wide programs and services to meet the needs of the judiciary, legal profession, prosecutors and members of the public served by the system, and ensured the work of the organization aligned to the complex policy environment affecting the Government, Court and Law Society. Sonia led significant organizational changes by implementing a provincial operational model and framework to support access to justice and court administration, and contributed to various provincial and national digital and justice reform (criminal and civil) projects, including the modernization of the justice sector.

A multi-lingual, Sonia has a BA in Linguistics and French Studies (second language teaching concentration) (Concordia), a Master of Information Studies degree (McGill), a Master of Business Administration (Strathclyde, UK), has studied law in the UK and Canada, and is an LLM candidate in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Aberystwyth, UK).

Dave NoletteDave Nolette
BC & Digital Programs Director

As Director of the BC and Digital Programs for the Justice Education Society (JES), Dave Nolette brings close to 30 years of experience of which 15 years have been spent managing complex projects in the justice sector. A recognized expert at applying technology to improve access to justice, Dave is responsible for the planning and execution of all access to justice and technology projects in Canada and USA, leading multiple internal teams, contractors, and volunteers. Dave also supports the work of the International Program, including the development of a victim services platform in Guatemala and JES’ Open Edx platform for online learning.

Dave has a strong focus on user needs, helping to improve access to justice through projects that have included: application and website development; online dispute resolution (ODR) platform; creation of guided pathways; legal education curriculum development; expert systems and online learning; video production, and authoring plain language legal content.

Prior to working at JES, Dave was a leader in the marketing and digital media, managing projects in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia China, Hong Kong and India.

Philip Jakob

Philip Jakob
International Program Director

Philip is an international development economist with over 15 years of experience in the implementation and evaluation of innovative projects across sectors. He holds two post-graduate degrees, one in International Development Economics from the University of San Francisco and the other in International Program Management from Capilano University.

A member of the Executive Team of the Justice Education Society (JES), Philip is responsible for the International Program, overseeing the planning, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of JES’ international projects. Prior to leading the international team, Philip managed the Guatemalan Institutional Justice Strengthening (GIJS) Project in Guatemala. He has direct experience in the monitoring and evaluation of projects with a social impact for both public-sector institutions and non-profit organizations, ensuring data-informed decision making and reporting cultivated support from stakeholders, especially local governments and multilateral agencies.

Before working with JES, Philip worked in various management roles, including project director for government modernization projects in Central America, as well as policy analyst for the Canadian Embassy in El Salvador. He brings extensive experience in budgeting, successful negotiation of partnerships and effective donor reporting.

In his work, Philip focuses on advancing strategies that have a measurable social impact by applying robust econometric analysis. As an effective communicator, he also seeks strategies that capture the human impact of initiatives in complex environments and uses objective analysis to engage stakeholders and improve decision-making.