Family Law

BC Supreme Court

This online help guide provides a range of information on British Columbia's Supreme Court. The site features introductory videos and provides self-help resources for Civil Matters, Family Law and Criminal Law. Key resources include: Civil Guidebooks, Legal Help and Information if You Represent Yourself, Court Tips for Parents, and more...

Parenting After Separation

Parenting After Separation is a free three-hour workshop for parents dealing with family break-up issues of child custody, access, guardianship and/or support. Topics include the impact of separation on children, decision-making and legal options. Parenting After Separating Parent Handbooks are available in multiple languages. A Facilitator's Guide is also available.

Families Change: Guide to Separation and Divorce provides information on separation and divorce for children, teens, parents and professionals. Animation, text, audio and video combine to help children, teens, parents better cope with divorce or separation. Information for professionals is also included. The site is a popular and acclaimed age-appropriate resource. is also available in French.

Parenting After Separation: Finances

Parenting After Separation: Finances program provides information and strategies about finances to separated parents. The free three-hour workshop assists parents to understand how to address the financial issues connected with separating and how to develop business-like strategies for dealing with these issues for the long term. The program is also appropriate for extended family members and members of the community who provide support to separating parents.

Changeville - Kids in Separation and Divorce

This animated, highly interactive website is designed to help BC kids experiencing parental divorce or separation. The virtual world of "Changeville" provides a range of information and activities for children to explore. This exploration takes place through the use of a personally created avatar that walks through Changeville to visit the Park, Legal Street, Break Up Street and the Mall. The website is targeted to children ages 6 to 12 and it can be explored alone, or with one or both parents.

Aboriginal Parenting After Separation Program

The Aboriginal Parenting After Separation program helps Aboriginal parents through the separation process. The program includes a free three-hour session for parents that will empower them to make informed decisions about resolving issues after separation. Topics include helping children deal with parental separation and dispute resolution options. The program also includes resources for support workers and parents.

Court Tips for Parents

Parents in Supreme Court regarding a child support order must be properly prepared to present their cases. features seven instructional videos on this area of family law, including Presenting Your Case in Chambers, Avoiding the Pitfalls in Family Matters and What to Expect the Day of the Hearing.

Let's Go To Court

Let’s Go to Court is a DVD resource for Victim Service Workers and other professionals who are trained to help child witnesses (aged 8-12) get ready to go to court. If children are well supported through the process and receive age-appropriate information, their experience is likely to be less stressful and more positive. An informational booklet accompanies the DVD.

Courtwatcher's Manual

The Courtwatcher’s Manual is an all-in-one booklet for anyone wanting to watch and learn more about BC’s court system. Topics include The Operation and Structure of the Courts, the Roles and Responsibilities of Those Involved in a Trial as well as Civil and Criminal Trial Procedures.

Kids in the Middle

Kids in the Middle is a program for Aboriginal parents, their families and their communities. The program provides information and exercises to help couples who are separating to better address their own personal needs and their children’s needs; it is not a program about how to parent children. The program includes a Parent's Handbook and Facilitator's Guide.